No Payroll:
Do not
With Asnef:
Do not

Minimum term:
30 days
40 months
Minimum loan:
€ 1
Maximum loan:
€ 5,000

Additional BankinterCard information

 The BankinterCard is the new credit card that replaces the old Obsidian card. The holders of the BankinterCard Gold have a credit in their pockets of up to € 5,000 to use it whenever and however they want, without questions and without needing to justify the expense. It is not necessary to be a Bankinter client or change banks in order to be a BankinterCard holder .

This credit card is completely free , both for the main card and for the additional cards, there are no annual issuance or renewal fees.

Only interest is paid for the balance provided and are the usual in this type of credit cards, 2% per month of the money used, both in cash and deferred purchases.

As an example, imagine that you make purchases for a total of 3,000 euros, which you postpone in 12 months. To repay the borrowed loan, the monthly payment to be paid would be 283.68 euros, so that multiplied by the 12 months of a year are 3,404.16 euros, which means that a loan of 3,000 euros to be repaid in a year costs only 404.16 euros , a much more affordable interest than traditional fast loans, and with more deadline to return the money.

Advantages of the BankinterCad Gold card

Image result for bankinter gold cardThese are all the great conditions of the new Bankintercard:

  • Free year after year, both the main card and the additional ones.
  • Without changing bank and with the Bankinter guarantee.
  • Return of 5% of all purchases made with the card during the first year and 3% the following, without limit of years.
  • 5,000 euros of credit instantly in cash by transferring the money to your checking account free of charge from the Internet or from your mobile phone.
  • Deferred purchases of up to 5,000 euros in physical and online stores, to finance any expense such as travel, celebrations, household items, etc. for an interest of only 2% monthly balance arranged, being able to return it up to several years.
  • For destinations in Spain and abroad, free travel insurance up to 500,000 euros.
  • Optionally, payment protection insurance so that the credit is liquidated while you are unemployed.
  • Exclusive discounts in the happy Bankintercard space and € 30 gift for each friend you recommend the card.

The operation allows both to make payments in shops, withdraw money on credit or transfer money to the current account of the owner, so it is an immediate credit , which can be in cash, to cover any need at any time. Having no cost if you do not use the BankinterCard does not cost anything, but with the peace of mind you can enjoy up to € 5,000 before any unforeseen without waiting.

How to contract the BankinterCard

The BankiterCard credit card can be requested from home through the Internet, simply access the Bankinter Card website and fill in a form with your personal data, secondly upload an image of the scanned DNI and finally indicate the bank account of any bank where you want the card fees charged.

After the request Bankinter will make a risk analysis and if you are granted the Gold Visa you will have it available at your home in about 15 days to start using it immediately.

The most popular card is the Gold BankinterCard, but from the same web page, the MasterCard Platimun option can be purchased with the same credit limit as Gold but with additional discounts in some large stores.

The fact of hiring a BankinterCard card does not entail any expense since it does not charge commissions, only expenses are generated in the case of purchases or credit cash arrangements. It is a good solution to have an immediate credit of up to € 5,000 at any time to finance purchases or to have cash without waiting. This type of cards can be very useful to have money when needed without questions and without waiting.

Flexible payment method

By default the card is set to postpone purchases by paying a minimum of 2.5% of the balance (or 18 euros), but with a simple call you can vary the percentage or the fixed monthly payment provided they are higher than those minimums. You can also choose to pay all purchases or credits at the end of the month so that they do not charge interest .

You can change the payment method as many times as the client wants to adjust the fees to their